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The home garage of concrete masonry

Published 1928

12 p, B&W illus and photos

Publisher Portland Cement Association
Year 1928
Language English
Book contributor MBJ collection
Collection buildingtechnologyheritagelibrary; additional_collections


Reviewer: Zither - - May 1, 2011
Subject: Only an Introduction
While this gives some non-detailed plans you may

find very helpful for dimensions and such, it by

no stretch of the imagination contains any

actual how-to. You need to find one of the books

that tells you how to lay courses and reinforce

and how to put up rafters and all. It does give

some nice artwork of garages when doors had to

be opened and the car in the driveway had open

spoke wheels.
Reviewer: splue - - February 28, 2011
Subject: this book has 4ever changed my life.
Concrete says it all.

LOL NC didja see the sequel inside: "Concrete Improvement around the Home"? i can haz whole
Reviewer: NoiseCollector - - February 28, 2011
Subject: illuminati
the masonry are coming... hide your batteries

the masonry are coming... time travel daredevils

the mansonry are coming to dinner and charlie says:

live my helter skelter

charlie says:

really rings a bell